Annie's Favourite Kid Tips!

Annie's Favourite Kid Tips!

  • Use a large rectangular laundry basket for bathing baby! Put the basket in the bathtub, and run the water. The water flows through the basket, and you can sit baby right in the basket for a safer, more manageable bathing space. We also use a bath sponge wedge (made for laying small babies on as you bathe them) as a back rest, against one end of the basket.

  • Does your baby still like strained foods but also want to feed him or herself? William still likes some strained fruits a lot; we put them in one of those Playtex cups with the soft, pop-up straws, and give him the cup, and he "eats" his fruit on his own that way. Sometimes we need to thin it down with just a little bit of juice, but not much! This would probably work with some sippy cups as well. [By the way, pipe cleaners work really well for cleaning out the straws on those cups!]

  • And for those babies who insist on feeding themselves - those Gerber Graduates in the little microwavable cups are great! We use the Turkey and Rice, and the Chicken and Noodles - we heat them up according to directions, then dump them into a fine strainer, and rinse them in warm water, which washes away the goopy sauce. Voila! Perfect finger/hand food, in the form of a reasonably well-balanced meal!

  • Use a clean pair of rolled-up socks to help support the breast with which you are nursing (this can free up a hand, even, so you can browse your email while nursing :-)).

  • Take a small brag-book sized photo album (one of those ones which is 4x6 in size) and cut out interesting pictures from magazines to make a picture book for your baby. William loves his book, which has pictures of doggies, and horsies, and some pretty scenery, and bright birdies and fishes, and we have a ready source of new pictures (more magazines) if we want to change the pictures. We've also thrown in a couple of pictures of family members.

  • How many times have you caught your little one doing something too cute, and you either say "darn, if *only* I had the camera with me", or you rush to get the camera, but of course by the time you get back, the moment is over?

    Well, solve this problem by buying a few (or several, depending on your needs) disposible cameras, and leave one in each place where you think you may be most likely to wish you had a camera. If you use them only for those "must have" pictures, they will last for awhile, and when you do finally develop them, each picture will be such a treat!

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