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Flu Statistics Greatly Overstated?

An Intuitive Parenting Update on the Flu

Evidence has turned up that the flu is not nearly the great threat which the media, certainly the vaccine manufacturers, and even medical organizations, are making the flu out to be. Flu statistics being bandied about include that as many as 36,000 people die every year from the flu.

However, the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) own data shows that the in the most recent year for which we have numbers, 2001, there were fewer than 1000 deaths attributable directly to the flu.

[Read more about Flu Statistics Greatly Overstated here.]

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.
- Juvenal

What is Intuitive Parenting?

Intuitive: (in-too'e-tiv) adj. Comprehended without effort of reasoning; instinctive knowledge.

Parenting: (par-ent-ing) verb. The act of a mother or father caring for their child.

The meaning of the term "intuitive parenting" is fairly self evident - it is parenting by intuition. It is a phrase which I coined (although I am sure that others have used it) to describe our own style of parenting which we have evolved in our family.

It is listening, if you will, with the heart. It is keeping your eyes, ears, and mind open to your children, and letting what you see, hear, and feel speak directly to your heart, and letting your responses to your children come from your heart. It is, in short, doing what you feel is best.

Intuitive parenting is based on our conviction that we all really know what our children need, and what to do for them, if we only just listen to ourselves. It is based on our belief that for the most part we know what is right, and even best, for our own children, far better than anybody else could. It is the courage to do what is right for our children by listening to, and acting on, our own parenting instincts.

For who among us has not struggled with the dilemma of our own feelings as to what would be right for our child being at odds with what our mother, our neighbor, our pediatrician tells us? We all know that feeling. Have you ever ended up wishing that you had listened to everybody else instead of yourself? Have you ever not been glad that you followed your own instincts about what your child really needed?

Your child will tell you what they need. You only have to listen - with your ears, with your eyes, with your heart.

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